Facebook Ads – demographic filters and dashboard

I have been playing with facebook ads as a learning exercise.

The interface for creating an ad allows you to specify demographics of who your ad will be displayed to. It includes the likely suspects… location, gender, age, education, marital status etc.

Targeting location of Toronto Ontario yields just over 2.5M

Added a restriction of college educated and over 24 drops the potential audience to just under half a million:

It is interesting to play with the filters to see how it effects the projected reach.I am sure the accuracy of people’s profiles limits the accuracy of the estimated reach. Interesting nonetheless.

Note you can play with the interface for creating an ad without publishing it (i.e committing to spend $). You can set a daily spend limit on the pay-per-click pricing model. It is possible to disable your ad very easily through the management console.

The management console also provides great dashboard illustrating activity on your ad:

Create an ad… have fun!


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