QR Codes – a USEFUL application – Business Cards

Isn’t it a pain typing a new contact’s info into your contact list ? QR Codes can solve the problem.

How do QR codes work? Simple. You use a smartphone app to take a picture of a QR code.   The app then automagicially decodes the QR code, and redirects to the webpage specified by the creator of the code.  I use the scanlife app on a blackberry. There are other app options, for all devices…use google to find recent reviews.

Now envision using a QR Code app to snap a pic from the business card below.

After you snap the pic you are taken to a special webpage. The web page  you arrive at looks like the screenshot below. It allows download of a file that will automagically create a new contact in your address book. Clicking the “download” button will automatically create a new contact for you. No typing info from a small hard-to-read business card.

Anyone wanting to create this sort of QR Code should check out http://www.qrstuff.com/  The site gives options for creating and downloading a lot of different types of codes. It is really kind of fun to play with.

FYI The QR codes illustrated on this piece are “live”.

Finally a practical use for QR Codes? Does your business card include a QR Code?


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